a merkypie in jpan

So, this past weekend I got to volunteer at the local Obon festival being held down in South Florida. Since the museum that the event is held at once a year is really far from where I live, I only get to go down there whenever I have the chance. This year I decided to […]

I’ve been googling about the odds of getting in, the netizens’ conspiracy theories, and just how much goes into the JET selection process… You’re supposed to apply to local consulate. Then go there for your interview… and be shipped out by them as their “representative” if you’re selected. Supposed to. Well, apparently, people like to […]

This is where I’ll chronicle my quest to becoming an ALT in JET this year. Wish me luck. この日記は私がALTになるのことを書きます。頑張ります〜☆