a merkypie in jpan

According to Google Maps, I’m about a good 3 hour average from the civilization known to the western world. Thanks, Google! Komatsu to Tokyo 4 hours 22 mins | 14,790円 (Roughly $150 USD) Komatsu to Kyoto 2 hours 27 mins | 5,920円 (Roughly $65 USD) Komatsu to Osaka 3 hours 7 mins | 6,710円 (Roughly $75)   Not […]

The first thing that comes to someone’s mind when you say, ” Are you prepared “, is probably, ” Do I have everything? ” It’s natural. When we’re going someplace, we’re always worried about what we physically have. Did we forget our keys? License? Passport? Did we forget to pack a towel? Clothes? Personal care […]

Yesterday morning, my mother was rambling to me about what I needed to pack and prepare for my departure for Japan. After telling her I couldn’t really focus on that when I don’t even know where I’m going, she ranted to me on how I was moving clear across the world and I need to […]

I found out I was shortlisted. Looking back, I can’t believe it’s been a month. It still feels like I just found out no more than a few days ago. One of my JET friends shared with us the Skype log of the day when we were finding out our results. I can tell you […]

So, it is officially 2012. The year of the dragon. This is it. This is where it comes down to the wire. Either way, I will be in Japan this year — how I get there is up to fate itself. I went to the beach to catch the first sunrise of the year. It […]