a merkypie in jpan

If the subject doesn’t say it already, I am now officially a shortlisted JET. I can’t believe I made it this far, but I have! The weeks leading up to this point was stressful, to the point I would have mild panic attacks wondering, ” Am I gonna make it? There’s no way I’m getting […]

I am unable to think straight. But I did it. I got an interview. WOOOOOOOOOOOOW. I was in the middle of doing my assignment for class then I got a tweet, ” Interview results ahve been posted. ” WHAT? ITS 7:30PM?? BUT THEY WERE. And I was shaking as I went and grabbed my SASE, […]

So, its the 23rd of January. Still waiting on interview results. While I have known that interview results usually come out in late January, early February, I’m starting to become more anxious in anticipation. Also, all the doubts I managed to shelve and get over are slowly creeping back up again. What if I don’t […]

Yesterday, I got my background check. The final piece to the puzzle is now complete. I shipped it off that same day to DC so hopefully they’ll get it Monday and hopefully I’ll be finding out if I have an interview at the end of January!  

So, I finally received my SASE. That means they’ve opened my application, processed it, and now I wait to hear back to see if I was good enough to get that interview. Oh, man… I think I’m going to drown away my worries with video games.