a merkypie in jpan

I wrote a really detailed entry about my interview after I had went through with it. I pulled it down because I remembered I signed a waiver about not discussing the details of the interview. Considering I did not want to disqualify myself out of the running because of my excited feels, I decided to […]

If the subject doesn’t say it already, I am now officially a shortlisted JET. I can’t believe I made it this far, but I have! The weeks leading up to this point was stressful, to the point I would have mild panic attacks wondering, ” Am I gonna make it? There’s no way I’m getting […]

Tomorrow is my interview. I’m going to try and avoid looking at interview prep material and just clear my mind. I’ve done all I can to prepare now it’s just me. They liked me because of my application so I’m going to bring it and more. I will leave that building with no regrets. And […]

I added a new tag since this phase of the JET Application process deals more with the interview. Just for organization sake. So, I’ve been prepping for the interview. As usual. Expected. Whatever. Been hearing about Japanese tests, mock lessons, school uniforms, and all sorts of colorful things. But what’s great is that I’ve been […]

Seven days till my interview! Up until around Saturday, I was feeling pretty confident. I knew what JET was about, I knew why I wanted to go to Japan, why JET, and other things that could possibly be asked. Yet, I started having doubts. Not only that, Sunday, yesterday, I freaked out thinking I was […]