a merkypie in japan

I started cutting my own hair.

Before I arrived to Japan, I always had a short cut/faux-bob. The last cut was a pixie cut. Since coming here, my hair has grown over 3 inches uneven and a mess. I always would go to the hair stylist back at home to maintain my short cuts and get my occasional keratin treatments. But since coming to Japan, I haven’t been to a hairstylist in almost 10 months.

It’s not that I’m afraid of Japanese hair salons. I don’t have to worry about them thinning my hair or using too strong of a product on my hair. My hair type is very close to their hair type. The language barrier isn’t a problem either.

It’s the cost.

Going to the hair salon is expensive.

You also have to book your appointment and consultation well in advance. Where as in at the salons back home, you can walk in, see the stylists at work and get a consultation before booking. I don’t want to spend almost $200 on a haircut without knowing how the stylist works.

So, today, I’ve started cutting my own hair.

I made a mistake or two but I think that with practice I’ll get the hang of this hair cutting business.

I may visit the stylist for a kertain treatment but I think I’ll save a shit ton more money just cutting my own hair.