a merkypie in jpan

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what to expect coming to Japan on the JET Program. A lot of the questions have pretty much been the same, so rather than repeat myself over and over again I decided to write a post tackling those frequently asked questions. Questions about paperwork I will not […]

I might as well write a congratulation post for this year’s new JETs. Just a year ago I was in your shoes and now I sit in my apartment in Japan writing this post telling you what previous JETs before me have said, ” Congrats. Keep calm, carry on and enjoy the ride. “

I suck at doing this Japan blog stuff. But I’ve recently got a crapton (and when i mean crapton i mean like three) new followers to my blog 😀 So hi guys. It’s December, more specifically December 6th. Yesterday was December 5th, that marks now four months living in this country as a teacher  of […]

Yep. This is gonna be the last post from America. My next entry will be from Japan! ~Reflection timez~ This has been one crazy ride. I look back on the old entries when I was applying and think, ” Wow, this is crazy “. I don’t think I imagined the JET Program application process to […]

Two more days before I spend nearly a half week knee deep in orientations. My fellow Group A JET friends have been in Tokyo for two days now and are probably at some seminar as I write this entry. They’ve been keeping our group updated on what is going on and how it’s like. It […]