a merkypie in jpan

Officially mailed out. Now, I wait 😐 Pray to God I get an interview.    

  So, its finally over. The application process is finally over. I finished my application a few days earlier but was afraid to submit it. I felt that I needed to look it over one — last — time each time my mouse would hover over the submit button. But its officially submitted electronically. I’ve […]

Yesterday the application went live. Of course not without problems. I woke up to the bright light of the sun in my face and birds tooting in the background. Literally, as I live in the boondocks and crashed on my living room couch. The windows were open and the A/C was off; fall has finally […]

I’ve learned that when you get your SOP critique, people are very opinionated. I don’t mean this in a bad way; everyone means well when they critique your SOP. The problem though is that when you receive critiques from other people, you seem to loose sight of what you wanted to write. For instance, I sent my […]

When you think you got the perfect SOP down, you have someone read it and they point out all that’s fucked up about it. I’ve been having some people read my SOP and I’ve been getting all sorts of responses, mainly of: It’s either lacking your teaching ability or this doesn’t explain enough. I really […]