a merkypie in jpan

Today was the last day of school and it began with a ceremony and ended on a very low key with the student body of roughly 64 kids returning to their classrooms. I finally remembered what ceremonies in Japanese schools felt like, or at least at the middle school level — JROTC. When I was […]


I’ve eaten things I never, in my wildest imagination, would have considered eating back home. Tofu Mushrooms Soybean covered bread Bread stuffed with unimaginable things Vegetable jelly Salad drenched in Kyupie mayo and oil Fish … Pig Intestine  Yes, I’ve ate pig intestine… Not by choice. Maybe its just the people local to my area, but […]

So my third years are graduating next week. It’s pretty interesting how much goes behind a graduation and how it’s not only the teachers that plan the ceremony but the students as well. For one of my elementary schools, I attended a 送る会 which is pretty much a farewell gathering in which everyone in the […]

It’s now March. Winter is coming to a close. The school year is at the final weeks. The weather has slowly been getting warmer. This weekend looks like it’ll be the last snow fall for the season… and while I’ll miss those dreary days spent staring at falling snowflakes, I’m pretty glad that its over. […]