a merkypie in jpan

Currently, locked away in a storage unit off of the shores of Kobe is millions of dollars in stolen goods. なんちゃって Actually, around two weeks ago I was in Osaka for a concert. This was just after me getting off of a flight from America not only 12 hours earlier. At the venue, on the […]

So, I wanted to travel the entire coastline of the Noto, Ishikawa’s peninsula (the piece of Honshu that just juts out into the ocean), for the longest. I’ve heard all sorts of creepy shit about the place from North Korean Alien Abductions to the lack of civilization. Wanting to see all these bizarre claims for myself, […]

I started cutting my own hair. Before I arrived to Japan, I always had a short cut/faux-bob. The last cut was a pixie cut. Since coming here, my hair has grown over 3 inches uneven and a mess. I always would go to the hair stylist back at home to maintain my short cuts and […]

Japan is known for having amazing customer service. And it’s true. The customer service you get in this country is great — sometimes to insane levels. Today I had an adventure in customer service at the most insane level. I went to catch a movie and do some shopping. I’ve been meaning to see ‘Daijyoubu, […]

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what to expect coming to Japan on the JET Program. A lot of the questions have pretty much been the same, so rather than repeat myself over and over again I decided to write a post tackling those frequently asked questions. Questions about paperwork I will not […]