a merkypie in jpan

I might as well write a congratulation post for this year’s new JETs. Just a year ago I was in your shoes and now I sit in my apartment in Japan writing this post telling you what previous JETs before me have said, ” Congrats. Keep calm, carry on and enjoy the ride. “

Today was the first day of school across Japan, for some it was entrance ceremonies and for others it was school tours and club presentations for the first years. At my school, we had the entrance ceremony last Friday and dedicated the first day of school to getting the kids all adjusted into middle school […]

Over night, my little corner of Japan exploded in cherry blossoms. The temperature was warm enough to give them little flowers the push to mankai all over the place. Unfortunately, though, it was raining cats and dogs so no opportunity to really enjoy that first day of blossoming.

Today was the last day of school and it began with a ceremony and ended on a very low key with the student body of roughly 64 kids returning to their classrooms. I finally remembered what ceremonies in Japanese schools felt like, or at least at the middle school level — JROTC. When I was […]