a merkypie in japan

If the subject doesn’t say it already, I am now officially a shortlisted JET. I can’t believe I made it this far, but I have! The weeks leading up to this point was stressful, to the point I would have mild panic attacks wondering, ” Am I gonna make it? There’s no way I’m getting in. ” It got worst once consulates started to announce results. When I got that email from my coordinator, I couldn’t believe it. I got in. I am shortlisted. All of this work paid off! :DDDDD

I screamed. I cried. I danced. I did everything because… I finally made it. I am now a JET. That is a big deal and a honor all in itself.  After sending  a coordinator a reply in capslock of incomprehensible English, I celebrated some more and then waited for the reply form.

And there was a wait. But, I scheduled my appointment, got my health check updated, and put together all these documents:

Now all filled out and sitting in a mailbox ready to be shipped off to my consulate. With everything done, it’s now a waiting game to find out

a) Where I’m going
b) Where exactly am I going to spend the next year or so
c) Who’s my predecessor
d) When are the Q&A/Pre Departure Orientation meetings

I can’t believe it. Like. It still hasn’t hit me yet. I have so much to pack, so much to throw away, so much to organize, so much to see and do. I have to plan a lot of farewell trips now to a lot of people I know. I still have to call teachers and friends to let them know the news. Ah! This feels so good!

I made it!

  • tarryn


    • Merkypie

      あぁ、そうですか?すごいっすね!何年ですか?三年?四年? あなたもJET Programに応募しますか?

  • anonykimita

    congratulations!! ^^ it`s nice u can live in Japan,… envy of u,.. hee ^^

    • Merkypie

      Awww, thank you!! 😀 ♥