a merkypie in japan

So, its the 23rd of January.

Still waiting on interview results.

While I have known that interview results usually come out in late January, early February, I’m starting to become more anxious in anticipation. Also, all the doubts I managed to shelve and get over are slowly creeping back up again. What if I don’t get an interview? What if they don’t like me?

I’m not saying that I’m sitting in my room, huddled into a ball, rocking back and forth. Oh no, I do have life that keeps my mind off of this majority of the time, but when there’s downtime or someone brings it up, the thoughts come right back.

Not all hope is lost though. Interac called me last week to let me know where I was at in their application process (phone interview) and that they’re still glad I’m showing interest. So if JET is a no go, there’s Interac. Since I managed to score an interview with them maybe I can still get my foot in the door with JET. Maybe.