a merkypie in japan


This is gonna be the last post from America. My next entry will be from Japan!

~Reflection timez~

This has been one crazy ride. I look back on the old entries when I was applying and think, ” Wow, this is crazy “. I don’t think I imagined the JET Program application process to be so taxing emotionally and mentally. It seems like you just fill out this online application, print it out, get some references, write an essay and ship it out to the Embassy and then that’s but. But there’s soooo much more involved. So much waiting, so much doubt, so much happiness, so much worry, blah. It’s just a roller coaster of feels.

When you apply to an eikaiwa or private company, there’s really no time for it to settle in your mind. The turn around of results is usually quick, sometimes as quick as the day of the interview. With JET, you’re constantly waiting so you’re constantly thinking. When you think a lot you tend to overthink and overthinking just leads to the start of that emotional roller coaster of excitement to self doubt and back up to excitement.

If there’s one way to explain how this works, it has to be JET’s handy dandy Culture Shock chart. It should be renamed to the JET Participant’s Experience on the Program chart. Of course, everyone is different. I didn’t really have a too bad of time. I didn’t freak out over my interview. Waiting to see if I got one was a little rough. But it’s been pretty leveled.

Then yesterday I just bottomed out.

I think it was long overdue but I was consumed with a lot of negative emotions. Partly due to a lot of stress. I even cried a bit. It was just like someone slammed a ten ton block on me. I woke up feeling like shit. But a trip to the beach helped settled that.

Now I have a sun burn.

But anyway, I was gonna happen. Just reading my previous entries seemed like it was bound to happen.

But I let it out and now I feel better.

Then last night I got my schedule from my sup. Which goes to show that overthinking is bad. It’s a bad bad  thing. Just flow. Just try to flow and distract yourself from thinking.

The JET Program has a brutal application process unless you try to keep your mind off of it. Though, it’s extremely difficult to do so in that final month before departure.

For happier news!

I’m all packed up.

And completely overweight.


  • Travis

    So excited for you! How many suitcases is that? 4? 5? 6??? 😛

    That chart is really interesting. I watched “Lost in Translation” the other day and my research after the movie led me to a bunch of articles about culture shock and the like.. Cool (for me! hehe) to see it in chart form.

    You’re going to do great!!