a merkypie in jpan

Right now half of my friends are in hotel rooms or at home preparing to leave Freedom and arrive in Pikachuland to spend a year or more catching Pokemon and fighting off evil monsters from outer space in their giant robots with the help of Godzilla.  In another six or so days, I will be […]

This past weekend I’ve been tasked, with some help, of shoving a shit ton of clothes and other knick knacks into two suitcases. I had planned on bringing three, but $200 dollars for a third suitcase is breaking the bank and with no guarantee of finagling this third suitcase for free, we’ve came up with an ingenious […]

There’s less than two weeks to go before I start a new chapter in my life in another country. It’s really surreal. I’ve been having so many different emotions these past few weeks. Everything from a euphoria of, ” Oh my god! ” to utter dread and fear, ” Oh god, I don’t think I […]

I found out about my schools a while back. I guess I’ll talk about them. Yeah. So, I’ll be teaching… five schools? I forgot, but my base is a junior high school and the rest are elementary schools. Pretty excited to have a set up like that. They’re all in the mountains, so that will […]

So, this past week has been one… eventful week. The Q&A was interesting. After showing up 30 minutes late due to traffic (what was assumed to be a 30 minute trip from where I was at ended up becoming an hour and fifteen) I learned some new things on what to do and what to expect when […]